Water, Wind and Fire

In a society where originality in musical sound is now almost not feasible. A society where music is fast losing its societal function of repositioning the minds of the people, and healing their souls, it’s rare, but not impossible to find those who still believe that music goes beyond just entertainment and following the crowd. Etuk Ubong is one of such. Etuk is a fast rising jazz musician, trumpeter and a composer.

He studied music at the Peter King College of Music, Muson School of Music and the University of Cape Town. He’s performed in the bands of renowned Nigerian musicians like Victor Olaiya, Femi Kuti and Buchi. Drawing inspiration from Jazz greats, Afrobeat, Highlife and Ekombi, he adds the sounds of nature’s elements— water, wind and fire to creating his one unique sound/music which he calls ‘Earth Music.’

I started this series as part of my project at the Canon Visual Storytelling Workshop with Gary Knight in June, 2017. I’ve been photographing him evesince attempting to take a closer and deeper look into his personal life and philosophy.

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